Watch Anime in Hindi | Lookism | To be Released on Netflix Exclusively

Are you one of the webtoon fans? Well, Netflix has brought you another anime version of the webtoon- Lookism. South Korean webtoon Lookism is illustrated by part Tae-Joon. On the Line Webtoon App Lookism was formally released in 2017 in English and other languages. Now, Netflix has made an anime adaptation of this webtoon which is going to be released on Netflix on 8th December 2022. 

Lookism (Webtoon)

CreatorTae Joon Park

Lookism Plot

Park Hyung Seok is the main character in Lookism, he is a high school student who suffers from bullying due to obesity. Due to continuous harassment from his classmates, he gets frustrated and asks his mom if he wants to transfer schools. 

The twist in the story comes when one morning he wakes up and finds himself with a tall, handsome and muscular body. 

Park Hyung Seok can switch between bodies. He changes his name to Daniel Park and transfers to a new school. In this new school, he is a popular guy and an internet sensation.

This story revolves around the discovery of the cruel reality that how people suffer when they are unattractive.

So, this was all about the plot of Lookism, but what makes this anime a must-watch is its unique animation. The anime is a mix of mystery and fights. 

If you have seen the trailer, you will know how cool this anime is going to be for Korean webtoon lovers. 

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Reasons to watch Lookism anime in Hindi

  • No more reading subtitles

One of the biggest reasons for watching anime in Hindi is to save yourself from reading subtitles. You can focus on the anime when you don’t have to read subtitles. 

Especially for Indian anime fans, the Hindi version of anime will help them understand anime better. From beginning to end you will be able to grasp concepts in an easy way. 

These are the two biggest reasons for watching anime in Hindi. And there can be many more reasons for you to watch anime in Hindi. But the question is where to find anime in Hindi? Well, don’t go anywhere as we bring you the platform. 

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