One Piece Film Red Hindi Dubbed Getting Release in India

One Piece Film Red Hindi Dubbed, PVR Pictures’ official Instagram account revealed on Oct 3, 2022, that they will be releasing One Piece Film Red in Hindi dub along with the original Japanese dub with English subtitles in 2D format in the Indian theatres on Oct 7, 2022.

The SABSE BADA announcement for Indian Anime Fans is here! Luffy is a great learner and as he prepares to arrive in Indian cinemas; he has also brushed up on his Hindi! Watch Luffy’s epic adventure in ONE PIECE FILM: RED, also releasing in Hindi (2D).

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One Piece Film Red Hindi Dubbed Getting Release in India

One Piece Film Red Hindi Dubbed Cast

Ketan Kava Sir has confirmed that he is going to give the Hindi voice to Monkey D. Luffy (the main character of the anime and the captain of the Straw-hat Pirates) on his Instagram account. Ketan Kava is a very famous voice artist who has given voice to many characters like Kabuto from Naruto, Jack Mortan from The Order, Five from The Umbrella Academy and many more awesome characters.

Hindi Dubbed Trailer NOT Released Yet!!

One Piece Film Red Hindi Dubbed

PVR Pictures hasn’t yet released a Hindi trailer of One Piece Film Red and the movie is releasing tomorrow. So, we can speculate that there is gonna be no Hindi trailer of this movie. If you’re planning to watch this movie in Hindi then this could be a gamble because the Hindi of Anime movies and Series has been a hit n’ miss game. For example the Hindi dub of Dragon Ball Super Movie Super Heroes was great but on the other hand the Hindi dub of Naruto and Dragon Ball Super have been a lost cause. If you’re a die hard One Piece fan the watch in Japanese with English Subtitle.

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