Case Closed Zero Tea Time Hindi Dubbed by Netflix Review and Watch Online for Free

Case Closed Zero’s Tea Time Hindi Dubbed by Netflix Review and Watch Online for Free

Case Closed Zero Tea Time Hindi Dubbed by Netflix Review and Watch Online for Free Case Closed, commonly known as Detective Conan to the Non-Japanese viewers, is a very popular series that features high school detective Shinichi Kudo or Jimmy Kudo in the English dub, who’s been transformed into a child as a result of investigating a shady organization. Over the venture of more than 1100 manga chapters and more than 900 anime episodes, Kudo gets out a various difficult scenarios as a star detective throughout the series, and a man named Rei Furuya is one of the acquaintances he makes along the way.

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Case Closed Zero Tea Time is a slice-of-life series that features Furuya playing one of his triple roles in the series, and it shows us something of glimpse into his everyday life, as he embodies different personas. It’s a lot different from the main series, but it’s still an interesting watch for fans of Case Closed to jump in on.

About Case Closed Zero Tea Time

About Case Closed Zero Tea Time

Meitantei Conan: Zero no Tea Time

A detective who’s also a public security agent and a member of a shadowy organization juggles his triple identities in this “Detective Conan” spinoff.

Format – ONA

Episodes – 6

Episode Duration – 15 mins

Status – Finished

Start Date – Apr 5, 2022

End Date – May 10, 2022

Season – Spring 2022

Average Score – 69%

Mean Score – 71%

Popularity – 2192

Favorites – 38

Studios – TMS Entertainment

Producers – Shogakukan
Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions
Yomiuri TV

Source – Manga

Genres – Action
Slice of Life

Romaji – Meitantei Conan: Zero no Tea Time

English – Case Closed: Zero’s Tea Time

Native – 名探偵コナン ゼロの日常(ティータイム)

Synonyms – Meitantei Conan: Zero no Nichijou
Detective Conan: Zero’s Daily Life
Zero’s Tea Time
Detektyw Conan: Herbatka u Zero
Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time

Case Closed Zero Tea Time Should Watch Or Not?

Opening Scene: A transient glimpse into an apartment shows us Zero, turning the water on applying toothpaste on his toothbrush, grabbing a shirt from his closet, and checking on the tea kettle in the kitchen as he counts down to it going off. When he reaches zero in the brightest manner possible this side of Case Closed Zero, the series’ opening kicks in, and boy, is it stylish.

The Quintessence: Zero’s Tea Time is a spin-off of Case Closed that follows Rei Furuya (Kyle McCarley), an agent who’s part of the National Police Agency Bureau Security Planning Division in the main series – yeah, that’s a mouthful. Rei goes by many names, including Toru Amuro, who works at the coffee shop Café Poirot. Additionally, he works undercover in an organization called the Black Organization under the codename Bourbon.

In terms of this spin-off series, however, Rei isn’t pursuing his ultimate goals of investigating others or pursuing the revenge case he’s known for. In Zero’s Tea Time, he can be seen doing his day to day life stuffs. That results in a variety of slice-of-life scenarios that seem like the things any normal person would do. Of course, you’re going to want to be caught up with Case Closed, or it might not make as much sense as it should.

Case Closed Zero Tea Time Hindi Dubbed

Netflix is a Paid Subscription based service which has very huge library of Movies, Tv Shows, Netflix Original Show/Movies and Some Anime also available here. Netflix Dubbed this anime Case Closed Zero Tea Time in many Languages including Hindi as well. You can watch this anime on Netflix in Hindi Dub for Free.

Here is The Information about Hindi Dub of Case Closed Zero Tea Time Anime.

Hindi Edition

Studio – Mayukhi in Sync – NP3

Dubbing Nirdeshak – Pinky Pal Rajput

Anukulak – Pratibha Sharma

Recordist – Mohd. Moshin Jaffri

Mixer – Moin G. Khan

Project Manager – Rati Chitalia

Voice Actors

Rei Furuya – Shanoor Mirza

Azusa Enomoto – Nishka Raheja

Yuya Kazami – Farhan Patel

Midori Kuriyama – Vandana Kashyap

Other Voice Actors

Ghanshyam Shukla

Mani Puhan

Asmita Dabhole

Case Closed Zero Tea Time Hindi Dub Good Or Not?

The dub overall seems pretty impressive and it gives a pretty at home vibe, you are never gonna feel like the voiceover is bad or the dub is out of place. Shanoor Mirza Sir did a fabulous job in dubbing the voice of our main protagonist Rei Furuya and the other caste also did a fabulous job.

In the end, I would recommend you guys to watch and tell us what you think about the dub.

Case Closed Zero Tea Time Hindi Dubbed by Netflix Review and Watch Online for Free

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